Feeling creative and want to make a holiday door swag to add to your festive home decor?

Here are step-by-step instructions to make this fun and whimsical Jingle Bell Swag. Add a pop of color and a little jingle to your door to greet your guests for the holidays. Follow along with our YouTube and Facebook videos for help at home and visit our online shop


  • 1 14” Pine Mini Swag
  • 2 Long Needle Pine Stems
  • 2 Mixed Magnolia Berry Stems
  • 1 Large Red Bell
  • 1 Small Galvanized Bell
  • 2 Styles Of Christmas Ribbon
  • (About 4 Yards Each)
  • Floral Wire
  • Scissors


  1. Choose your materials based on the color of your door, style of your Christmas decor, and size of swag you want.
  2. Fluff your small pine swag, pulling the wired branches out and away from the center.
  3. Add a tinsel tie to back of the swag by twisting it around the spine of the swag for you to hang it from you door hook.
  4. Chop off 3/4 of the long needle pine stems and fluff them to look more lifelike. Lay one in each direction off the ends of the pine swag.

  5. Use the branches of the base pine swag to twist the long needle stems into place.  Simply wrap them around the spine of the long needle pine spray and twist it like a bread tie to secure it.

  6. Add your first mixed magnolia berry spray towards the top of the swag, directly on top of the long needle pine, and twist in using the main pine swag branches.

  7. Cut the rope off of the first, larger red bell. Take a piece of floral wire through the metal ring and tie it towards the center of the swag.

  8. Fluff, cut the end and twist in the other magnolia mixed berry spray under the red bell, towards the bottom of the swag.

  9. Cut the rope off the smaller bell, add wire through the loop and wire it under the red bell towards the bottom of the swag.

  10. Create your mixed bow using one 2.5” and one 1.5” wide ribbon. Use one hand to hold the ribbons, the other to twist and loop them into a bow. (Videos can be found at Dee’s Louisville Facebook and YouTube)

  11. Wire the bow onto the top of the swag, above the red bell.

  12. Repeat creating a bow, only slightly smaller in width and wire it below
    the bells.


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