Established in 1968 by James “Pop” Ernst, Prestige Builders has a rock-solid reputation for designing and creating custom homes and remodeling projects with superior craftsmanship and exceptional client service. The full design-build firm is family-owned and operated by second generation Builder/Owner Dave Ernst and his mother Sue Ernst. Dave’s father started as a draftsman for a lumber company. He built his own business with one of his many “Pop-isms” as a guiding principle, “Build it like we’re gonna live there.” James Ernst passed away in June of 2019, but Dave is so glad they had the opportunity to celebrate Prestige Builders’ 50th Anniversary together in 2018.

Dave Ernst began his career in real estate and marketing. Over the years, Dave gained additional experience in designing floor plans. Dave continues to build upon Prestige’s massive portfolio, including over 20 new $400,000 to $1,000,000+ homes per year, countless remodeling projects and Homearamas, and numerous Building Association of Louisville Awards. Prestige Builders’ architectural design aesthetic “reflects Louisville’s historic neighborhoods” with traditional and Craftsman-style homes.

Prestige Builders has three project managers and one interior designer/decorator on staff who continuously strive to “keep the client in the loop” for each project’s duration. Their “Happenings” newsletter and online document management systems provide complete client access. The client-friendly design process allows freedom and offers “guardrails” to help streamline decision-making and available options. 2020 has brought some changes and adaptations to the process. “April got serious quickly,” says Dave. In addition to online and socially-distanced onsite meetings for ongoing projects, demand for outdoor living spaces exploded.

Prestige Pools & Outdoor Living division now manages the abundant requests for pools, spas, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and pavilions. The division’s goal is to “integrate the house design with the outdoor spaces for fully-custom, integrated outdoor living.” The transition from indoor to outdoor with large moving panels not only opens up the home’s livability but provides a definite wow factor. Dave expects the demand for outdoor living to continue with clients looking to “build their own resort in their backyard.” Prestige Pools & Outdoor Living can make that dream a reality.

Home offices have become necessities with non-traditional instruction and more people working from home than ever before. For those working outside the home, mudrooms are a perfect transition space to shed outerwear and shoes and to sanitize. Garage space is at a premium with new bikes, kayaks, golf carts, and other equipment. Modern farmhouse and light brick, fiber cement board, or white siding with black-trim windows are home styles rising in popularity. Prestige Builders is on the cutting edge of all these trends.

In addition to his “wonderful, experienced” team, Dave is proud of their associations with real estate teams, realtors, subcontractors, and vendors - “fixtures in the Louisville community,” many of whom they have worked with for more than twenty years. Together they bring a level of personal attention and value that ultimately impacts home livability and resale. Prestige Builders has a book of more than 50 home plans for starting points on the home design journey. They are experts at home site selection and development. Whether you are looking to build your dream home, have rooms to remodel, or want to add outdoor living space, let Prestige Builders be your guide and get the job done. Visit Prestige Builders, Inc. at and @PrestigeBuilders on Facebook.

Posted on 2020-11-04 by By Dawn Anderson | Portrait by Dick Arnspiger • Courtesy Photos by Ty Mattheu with Portico Media