It can be chaotic. And it can be nerve-wracking. But no matter how seemingly overwhelming, with a little reflection and some help from the right folks you can be a happier camper this holiday season—and every year to come!

Let’s start with two of the season’s biggest challenges: gifts and guests. And let’s focus on organization. Not the ‘prepare with a list’ approach, but rather the ‘create a space to make things simpler’ lasting solution.


  • Is the wrapping paper in the utility room? Check.
  • How about the ribbon? Different box, but check.
  • Bows and name cards? Yet another box, but check.
  • Where’s the tape? In the office? No, the kitchen. Check.
  • The gift list? It’s in the office. Check.
  • Can I use the dining room table to wrap? Oh, clear off the books. OK, check.

You’re 20 minutes into your project and just getting started!

Try this scenario, instead. You’re ready to wrap gifts. You head for your wrap center. You have everything you need in one place, ready to use. This space has channeled lighting that doesn’t waste precious countertop space. Paper, ribbon and bows are within arm’s reach. A divided drawer holds tape, scissors and cards.

You wrap. You finish. Life is good. Time for wine.
It’s not an organizer’s fever dream. You can make this storage solution happen.

Start by identifying an area of unused wall space, preferably at least 24”-36” wide, in, say, a small niche, your guest room, the laundry room, or basement. Contact Closet Factory and arrange a consultation. With your designer, talk through creating a cabinet that stores all the stuff you need. The design can be as simple or elaborate as you like. Specify hanging dowels or a tall pull-out basket for rolls of paper. Add slatwall to hang tools and dedicated baskets for paint, glitter and other miscellaneous bling. Don’t forget that this space is the perfect place to write all types of cards, so include shelves, cubbies, or a drawer to hold them, plus postage. See, you just made your birthday, wedding, or Christmas—every gift-giving event—so much easier.

For those of you into an artisanal gift presentation, add an outlet so you can follow YouTube instructional videos on your tablet. For those of you into crafting, consider a larger space with more shelves or flat files for specialty papers, dedicated countertop space for a sewing machine, and hanging rods and cubbies for fabrics. You specify the need; we create the design to meet it. And with everything in one place you always know what’ve you got, or need to get.


While this may or may not be your year for guests, at some point, they will come. Act now to make the experience easier and, hopefully, much more fun.

Instead of the old pull-out sofa with its floor-hogging footprint and support bars that eat into backs, consider an attractive space-saving wall bed. Available in all sizes and virtually endless cabinet possibilities, they are the simpler-to-use and practical guest bed solution you’ve been seeking.

In the ‘up’ position your wall bed is hidden in what appears to be a built-in cabinet. In the ‘down’ position, it’s a lifesaver. Work with a Closet Factory designer to determine the size, type, appearance and budget for your wall bed. Add a cabinet to store blankets, sheets and pillows, and maybe a little space for your guest’s hanging clothes, and you have a solution that’s always ready, no matter when guests arrive or how much time you have to prepare. And because wall beds use standard bed mattresses, they are supportive and cozy.

Maybe the most underappreciated aspect of wall beds is just how beautiful they can be. We’ve created wall beds that mimic elegant armoires. They can be the integrated centerpiece of an elegant wall-to-wall cabinetry installation. With pull-out shelves that function as nightstands, built-in lighting and the addition of wall art, your wall bed can be the most elegant, most efficient and most effective storage feature in your entire home.

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Posted on 2020-11-04 by By Marilyn Jones | Closet Factory of Kentucky • Courtesy Photos