Helping aged parents get care gets very complicated when they are in denial and suffer from Stubborn Senior Syndrome (SSS). At times, it will seem like you’re dealing with your teenager, only you can’t send your parents to their room! To be fair, they’ve been making decisions for themselves their entire adult lives and it’s hard to turn over the reins to their kids. Yes, even if you are 60+ years old, you’re still just their kid.

There are two reasons for their denial. The first is just down right stubbornness. Born from a lifelong habit of independence. They say “I don’t need help”, even though they have family getting groceries, bringing meals, transporting to appointments, filling medication planners, scheduling appointments, the list goes on. But they still think they’re independent!

The second reason is more serious caused by the onset of dementia. This only seems like stubbornness. The sad truth is they simply are not able to see reason, they no longer have the capacity. What is vitally important here is not to miss warning signs that something MUST BE DONE. Not eating, not taking meds properly, paranoia, getting lost, depression, increased confusion, wandering or difficulty performing normal tasks.

Let us help evaluate the situation. It’s free and we’re happy to help! Patti Naiser can help with those difficult conversations. You are not alone. So, take a deep breath, and let Senior Home Transitions help you, it’s just another part of the journey. 

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