The husband and wife team of Megan and Branden Bell are the founders of The Next Door Market Mobile Grocery, an online grocery store that connects hungry customers to high quality and fresh foods. It’s built an expansive product inventory to provide customers a time saving and safe alternative to visiting a grocery store. “We have a large variety of vegan, gluten-free, and organic options to choose from,” Megan says. “We work over 80 hours a week doing inventory, organizing, delivering, and much more, and we make sure that our customers are happy.” Branden is also a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and the two are parents to three beautiful children.

“We are a very young couple who took on a major responsibility, but we wanted to leave a legacy for our kids and lead by example,” says Megan. “We wanted to create something that’s never been done before and to create a path for other entrepreneurs who want to work in the food industry. We keep each other going and cheer each other on. We give each other affirmation that we are in this together and we can do this. We know when we need each other for business, or to be a husband, or to be a wife, or to be a mom, or to be a dad or just be a friend at that moment. We believe that’s what keeps us going because we know when we need each other the most.”

The Next Door Market offers convenient delivery times, including both weekend and evening options.


For more information: (502) 802-5324 •

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