Dee Dee Taylor became a believer in hemp-based products’ therapeutic abilities when they proved to effectively treat her husband’s Grand Mal seizures much more effectively than the prescription medications he had been taking. “I would like people to know that you don’t have to suffer or get caught up in pharmaceuticals,” says Dee Dee. “You just might feel better trying something natural.”

Dee Dee is the founder of 502 Hemp. This upscale hemp boutique brings you locally produced natural remedies for a wide range of symptoms, including arthritis, stress, and sleep issues, among many others. 502 Hemp offers a wide range of products, such as CBD oils in new flavors, including bourbon and mint julep. “Our products are more reliable and have improved the lives of many with little to no side effects,” says Dee Dee. “We are in business to help you find the best product for your needs.”

For more information: (502) 654-7100 •

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