We all know it is the small things in life that can really make an impact. Our living spaces are no different. Accessories can make or break an outfit in fashion and likewise, details can also transform a living space into a posh, distinct area. There should always be consistent throughout a home, a “flow” if you will. By adding unique details and layers of texture and color you can add luxuriousness to a room.

There are some simple rules to live by when designing a luxurious space. Here are a few to follow:


Larger items make a bigger impact in a room. It is not always about more furniture but sometimes about larger furniture. You want to fill a space but not over-pack a space. Blank space is okay. For example, if you have a long wall where you would place a television, be sure the scale of the sideboard is significant enough to balance the empty wall space and the room layout. Additionally, large colorful artwork can make a huge impact, especially with neutral furnishings.


Layers of texture and color can make a significant impression in a room. Layering fur over a sofa or chair with varying textured pillows on top can yield an inviting and deluxe space that would make anyone want to curl up in. Layering elements of similar colors into accessories is a great way to add interest and uniqueness to a room. Mixing shades of blue, green with some natural elements such as silver, gold, or wood will brighten a room. Adding plush fabrics into window coverings, bedding, pillows and throws will also add layers of luxury into a room. Panel drapes in a living or dining room soften the space and add an element of luxury and elegance. Black-out panel drapes in a Master Bedroom are also particularly important to create a comfortable retreat.


Lighting is everything! It is the jewelry of a room. It creates the mood, ambiance, and can elevate the overall feeling of a space. Mixing metals is okay, however, there should be a consistency in style throughout the home. Again, opt for larger pieces to make more of an impact in a space. Less is NOT more in this case.

Whether flooring, hardware, faucets, or tiles, having updated, quality finishes in a home will not only enhance value but also add elements of opulence.


Posted on 2020-09-16 by By Wendy Anguiano - CEO, Design & Dwell Interiors | Courtesy Photos