The 7th annual Give For Good Louisville, hosted by the Community Foundation of Louisville, is going to be a little different this year, because it’s completely virtual for the first time ever. CFL’s 24-hour online event is Thursday, Sept. 17, 2020. Think of it as very, very late on Wednesday night, because when the clock strikes midnight it will become Thursday the 17th.

Give For Good Louisville is a community-wide movement of good. The Community Foundation of Louisville is a force for good. Founded in 1984, CFL is one of the largest charitable foundations in Kentucky with over $600 million in assets and more than 1,800 charitable funds that have individual names and purposes. CFL’s Give For Good Louisville campaign began in 2014 and has raised over $26 million, with each year breaking the previous year’s record.

“The 500-plus organizations that participate represent every sector and area of our community and they are the people working to make our community a great place to live, work and play,” said Molly Melia of CFL. “On top of all of that, the people that come together to make gifts during the giving day represent how amazing and resilient our community can be.”

Molly is the senior associate of marketing and communications for CFL. She is also the project lead on Give For Good Louisville. She said that yes, you should always support organizations year-round, but doing so on Sept. 17 is extra special. An extra $300,000 worth of special.

Every year, community partners support a prize pool. In 2020, the $300,000 prize pool means the nonprofits can win cash prizes, based on different challenges and randomly selected donor gifts, throughout the day. So your donations on Sept. 17 are putting more money directly in the hands of the nonprofits.

Which nonprofit? You can search by geographic location or by cause, allowing you to find a nonprofit or two that aligns with your passions.

“Through Give For Good Louisville, we aim to make philanthropy more accessible for everyone,” Molly said. This year's goal is to increase the number of donors and donations. The minimum online gift is $10 and the max is entirely up to your heart and wallet’s capacity. Gifts can be made by credit card, mobile pay options or by direct bank/ACH transfer, and by anyone in the world.

The digital platform makes this year’s Give For Good Louisville campaign more important than ever, because many organizations have lost out on in-person fundraising events, and because “our nonprofit community has stepped up to take care of our city during the pandemic,” Molly said. “This year has been a tough year on communities around the world, and that means that the rallying together of our city in September will just go to show the generosity and power we have when we all come together.”


Mark your calendar for Sept. 17 and donate online that day at

Posted on 2020-09-14 by By Kathie Stamps | Courtesy Photos