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Grassa Gramma Louisville ky

Grassa Gramma

Grassa Gramma is a love-letter to Nonna's status in the Italian kitchen and family. The cuisine is composed of [literally] the best ingredients we can source. If it's fish, it's wild. If it's game or meat, it's local, organic or prime. Vegetables are selected for seasonal optimization and come from actual farmers and not farms (big difference). Everything is made from scratch including all our pasta, breads and pastries. The menu is part Italian-American, part authentic-regional Italian, and part Chef ingenuity. The menu exists as devotion and not revisionism. The chef team goes beyond the kitchen and participates in hospitality and service. We get here early and stay late to ensure that every ounce of food we serve it beyond compare, and then we talk to our guests about their experience.

2210 Holiday Manor Center, (map)

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