Sunday, September 15, 2019

Love Sings Louder

2:00pm - 4:00pm
Location: Iroquois Amphitheatre
Address: 4216 New Cut Road, Louisville, KY 40214
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Bringing Louisville Together Through Song Sunday, September 15, 2019 2-4pm Iroquois Amphitheatre This is a free, community-wide, multi-faith, multi-cultural, intergenerational program. We Welcome Dawne Gee as the Event MC! The Jewish Federation and Jewish Community Center has been inspired by the currently popular “mass singing initiatives” facilitated by groups like Israel’s Koolulam and Canada’s Choir!Choir!Choir!. These events bring together a diverse range of community members with the idea to stop everything for a few hours and just sing together. In partnership with a diverse group of community leaders, groups and organizations, the Jewish Federation and Jewish Community Center will bring this experience to the Louisville community, enabling participants to enjoy the feeling of togetherness through a deep communal experience – their sounds and voices coming together to create a social choir, full of hope and optimism. The program for the day will begin with a diverse array of vocal and dance performances while the crowd takes their seats in the Iroquois Amphitheatre. Once gathered, the participants in each section of the Amphitheatre will be taught their part of the song and led through a few practice rounds. There’s no need to be a trained singer, or even a good singer! Together, we will sound incredible! Once the song parts have been learned, we will come together for an experience like no other, creating a uniquely beautiful choir that truly represents the diversity of our great city. Cultural attire is encouraged. Co-Chairs: Councilperson Barbara Sexton-Smith & Mark Perelmuter Sound Leaders: Harry Pickens & Cantor David Lipp Event Committee (as of July 23 2019): Edgardo Mansilla (Americana), Kevin Traeger, Jessica Loving (Jewish Community Relations Council), JP Davis (Fund for the Arts), Cantor David Lipp (Adath Jesurun) Haleh Karimi (IPP), Anne Ensign-Urteaga (J Arts & Ideas), Adrienne Eisenmenger & John Koehlinger (KRM), Wanda Mitchell-Smith (Metro District 4), Michael Drury (Pandora Productions), Chris Hartman (Fairness Campaign), Ashley Duncan (JCPS), Terri Foster (Louisville Youth Orchestra), Mera Corlett (Okolona Baptist Church), Dr. Muhammad Babar (APPKI), Martin Brooks (Peace Catalyst Int.), Yodit Dori (Ethiopian Service), Ashley Duncan (JCPS), Harry Pickens (Musician and Peach Provocateur), Tangela Dumas (Metro Parks), Jevory “1200” Arthur (Artist), Elder Tommy Jones (First Gethsemane Baptist Church), Amy Shir (LHOME) and others. This program is sponsored by the Republic Bank Foundation and Fund for the Arts. There is still time to support this incredible program, Want to get your community involved? Call us! Staff Contacts: Matt Goldberg [email protected] 238-2707 About JCRC: The Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) is the vehicle through which the Jewish community is represented in the greater Louisville community in discussions, activities, programs and coalitions with others that help improve inter-group relationships and protect human rights. The JCRC provides a forum for discussion and coordinated action on public policy issues of concern to the Louisville Jewish community and conducts educational, legislative and media efforts on issues including Israel, religious freedom, pluralism, separation of religion and state, and equality of opportunity for all.

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