Friday, October 11, 2019

Wisdom of the Elders

8:00am - 10:00pm
Location: Camp Kavanaugh Retreat Center
Address: 7505 Kavanaugh Rd, Prospect, KY 40014
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Many tribes and cultures talk of learning from the 7 Generations before us in order to carry the wisdom to the 7 Generations ahead of us. The previous 7 Generations impact who we are and how we live today. What we learn, how we live, and what we do will impact the 7 Generations to come. The values encircled above are held by many of the tribes of Turtle Island and serve to give us the tools to make a positive impact. The Elders and Ancestors tell many stories about the coming of the New Springtime or Coming Together Time. We have been in that time of learning wisdom from the different directions. Now, we are in the Healing the Earth Time, a time to check and balance the way we walk so the earth may be healed. Every harmful thing going on in our world today is a direct result of how we are out of balance. We must Heal the Earth by bringing balance to our lives. The Elders, Teachers and Indigenous Wisdom keepers are ready to share the lessons necessary to help us accomplish our goal. We hope you will join these honored and gifted teachers for the Healing the Earth Time. Registration required for event.

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