Saturday, March 9, 2019

Gaining Self-Awareness and Balance Using Chakra Theory – Yog

1:00pm - 3:00pm
Location: Bridge Counseling and Wellness
Address: 540 Baxter Ave., Louisville, KY 40204
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This series of workshops is designed to help you gain awareness of specific aspects of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energies using chakra theory as a guide. Derived from eastern yogic philosophy, the chakras are energy centers that represent various parts of the physical body, our emotions, our perceptions, and how we project ourselves to the world. Using the chakra system as a tool, we will use group discussion, Hatha and Kundalini yoga, and meditation to gain insight into ourselves, find balance, and move towards higher states of being. Participants are welcome to attend any of the workshops individually or join us for the whole series. 3/9/19 – The Navel Chakra – Building Inner Strength and Power The third chakra is called “Manipura,” which translates from Sanskrit as “city of jewels” or “lustrous gem”. Physically, this chakra is located at our navel center or solar plexus, and it is connected to the element of the sun. Just as the earth would not survive without the sun, we rely on our third chakra to regulate and energize us and to give us the power to take proper action to manifest our goals. If our connection to our third chakra is weakened, we may feel angry and aggressive or hold guilt and self-doubt within. We may look outward for validation and use our power to manipulate others. It is also common to have difficulty with addictions and see obstacles everywhere we look. When this chakra is balanced, we have seemingly unlimited energy, strong will power, the ability to make commitments, and a solid inner balance. The navel center is our center of power and control, and this workshop will focus on self-empowerment, building inner strength and will power, and overcoming obstacles. We will also work on learning to let go of control when necessary, which is a challenge for many of us. 4/13/19 – The Heart Chakra – Live from Your Heart, and Trust the Unfolding The heart chakra is also known as “Anahata,” which translates from Sanskrit as “unstruck sound,” relating to the constant rhythmic beat or vibration of the heart. Located in the center of the chest, this chakra is related to the physical heart, lungs, arms, hands, thymus gland, and immune system. Energetically, the heart chakra is related to compassion and unconditional love. If we are fully connected and living from our heart, we treat everyone with kindness and offer forgiveness freely. Ourselves included! We accept and trust that all is as is should be. Through the heart chakra, love is our motivation and our relationships with others, nature, and ourselves are harmonious. When this chakra is unbalanced, we tend to feel alienated, lonely, and sad; it is easy for us to be hurt, we fear rejection and are dependent on others clingy. We can be cruel, critical, and passive aggressive or suffer from helper syndrome, always giving and sharing with those who may not want it. This session will focus on opening the heart, establishing self-love, and trusting the unfolding of life. We will also work with turning our minds towards prosperity rather than scarcity or fear. 5/11/19 – The Throat Chakra – Speak Your Truth The Sanskrit name for the fifth chakra located in our throat is “Vishuddha” which could be translated into “purification”. The Throat Chakra has to do with your self-expression and speaking your truth in order to live from the highest expression of who you are. Physically this chakra is made up the ears, nose and throat, including the thyroid and parathyroid glands. Imbalances in the chakra can manifest as: lying, gossiping, communication issues, inability to listen or hear, weak or dominating voice, shyness, or speaking too bluntly. We may also notice tension in our neck and shoulders or a sore throat. When the throat center is balanced, we have a clear, strong voice, we speak clearly with honesty, and our neck and shoulders are relaxed. When you can express your truth you are truly free! This class will focus on communication, truth, and courage. We will let go of tension in our neck and shoulders and tune into our voice. 6/8/19 – The Third Eye – Find Clarity and Strengthen Your Intuition The Sanskrit work for this chakra is “Ajna,” meaning “to command”. Located behind the forehead between the eyes, the 6thchakra is associated with the pituitary gland and gaining mastery over the mind. The third eye allows us to have a clear perception of our reality so we can fully understand our purpose in life. When our sixth chakra connection is strong, we have a reliable intuition and we trust our inner wisdom. We may experience synchronicity and feel “tuned in” to our lives. On the other end of this spectrum, when we are disconnected from the third eye and our intuition, we can feel confused and depressed. We may feel “out of it,” and have a hard time focusing on any one thing. Physically, imbalances may manifest as eye problems, headaches, sinusitis, or nightmares. This session will focus on strengthening the pituitary gland, gaining an awareness over reality, and connecting to our own inner guidance. 7/13/19 – The Crown Chakra – Integrate your Experiences, and Connect to Infinite Knowing Also known as the “tenth gate,” the crown chakra, or “Sahasrara,” meaning “thousand-petaled lotus,” is our connection to oneness with the universe or cosmic consciousness. Located at the top of the head, the crown chakra is associated with the central nervous system and the pineal gland, which yogic texts say is the “seat of the soul.” The theme here is transcendence. With our connection to this chakra comes our belief systems, belief in a higher power, self-knowledge, transcendence and universal understanding. When the Sahasrara is balanced we seek out deep questions, integrate life lessons and spiritual teachings, have an open mind, and transcend the ego. The crown chakra can be underdeveloped when one is not able to explore spirituality on their own, such as from having a rigid religious upbringing. This class will focus on our connection with the universe and on allowing ourselves to have our own direct experience of consciousness. Investment: $55 per class 10% discount if you register for a package of 4 classes Facilitator: Marie Coma, LPCA, E-RYT-200, loves sharing the healing practices of yoga and meditation and making them accessible to everyone. She has been practicing yoga since childhood, learning from her parents, who were students Yogi Bhajan, the man who brought Kundalini Yoga from India to the west. Marie completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training at Eternal Health Yoga in 2007 and has been teaching ever since. She is a registered yoga teacher (E-RYT-200) and teaches Kundalini, Hatha, and Vinyasa yoga in Louisville, KY. Her classes are lovingly inspired by her own yoga and meditation practice. In 2018, Marie completed her master’s degree (Master of Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling) at the University of Louisville and became licensed as a professional counselor (LPCA) in Kentucky. She currently works full time as a mental health therapist for Kentucky One Health. In her free time, when she’s not doing yoga, Marie enjoys reading, listening to podcasts, going for long walks, and eating yummy food with friends. She also has a passion for creative endeavors such as writing, painting, photography, and music. Marie and her husband live in Louisville with their three black-and-white cats.

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