Friday, September 21, 2018

The Magic Flute By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

8:00 PM
Location: Kentucky Opera
Address: 323 W Broadway # 601, Louisville, KY 40202
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Fairytale? Love story? Multi-layered allegory? You decide! And remember – long before Harry Potter, there was Mozart’s incandescent Magic Flute! Into the woods we go with Prince Tamino and his pal, the irreverent bird catcher Papageno. The Prince is searching for the perfect girl to marry, and happily, he finds her – but not before being saved from a dragon, outsmarting the duplicitous Queen of the Night, and proving himself worthy through an epic set of challenges set forth by the mysterious high priest Sarastro! Genies and villains, bunnies, bats and boars, and of course, a magic flute – they’re all part of this high-flying adventure that delights the kid in us all. Enjoy some of the most beautiful music ever composed, and marvel at this whimsical yet profound masterpiece that “ventures as deep into the human spirit as art goes.” New York Times Starring James McCorkle* as Tamino, Brandie Sutton* as Pamina, and Sean Michael Plumb* as Papageno. *KO Debut

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